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Yes, this really is my head Photoshopped onto a load of pens! A birthday card from a friend :) 

Yes, this really is my head Photoshopped onto a load of pens! A birthday card from a friend :) 

Hey sketchy!

Did you know that I love writing, almost as much as I love drawing? 

I've spent 14 years working in brand marketing and crafting compelling copy for companies and brands of all sizes: from big global publishers and consumer brands (including Pearson, Scholastic, Nintendo, Dettol, The Gruffalo and Horrible Histories) - to small regional theatres and independent production companies. 

I've worked across the Arts, Publishing, Charity and Brand Licensing sectors, and most recently leading the email campaign for Sport Relief 2018.  

I've also delivered internal training sessions specifically on copywriting and brand tone of voice.  

I've written everything from press releases, corporate brochures and catalogues: to social and email campaigns, product packaging and radio advertising.   



  • Full consultation and feedback on your current brand marketing, including specific examples of campaigns and steps you could take to enhance your brand profile and reach 


  • Copy: I can help you with refreshing or writing product listings, write social media posts, blogs, web copy, email campaigns, straplines, packaging… you name it - I'll write it! 
  • Consultancy & advice:  A list of recommendations on how to improve your tone of voice, messaging and copy



I know what you’re thinking: how much is this all going to cost?

Well exactly! That’s my first question when hiring freelancers.   I’m aware that so many of us are on a tight budget, so want to keep things as affordable as possible.  Costs will be very much based on your requirements of course, so let’s discuss and I can give you a bespoke quote!

I’d love to help you - so get in touch and let’s talk! Email: dulcimer@dulcimerdraws.com

My 5 Top Tips for Crafting Compelling Copy

  1. AUDIENCE: Think about you reader.  Who are they, where are they, what are doing, how are they likely to be feeling when you send out that email or social post? The more you tap into their mood and mindset, the more likely you are to push their buttons and persuade them to press purchase! 
  2. TONE OF VOICE: After writing your copy, read what you’ve written out loud.   If you feel silly or strange saying it, delete it and re-write! I never write anything in an email or message that I wouldn’t say out loud to someone’s face.  

  3. CHARACTER: Inhabit your brand’s personality when writing.  Think about their characteristics, vocabulary, likes, dislikes, behaviours, favourite clothes…  the more you get under the skin of your brand character, the more you’ll be able to communicate it in an authentic and consistent tone of voice.   

    • Try this: Think of all the brands you’d love to be best friends with: the ones who consistently make you feel happy, inspired and eager to buy from.  Take a bit of time to analyse how they write and communicate across different channels.   Look at what they do and see if any of it could be relevant to your brand: and if so, feed it into your strategy!

  4. TIMING & TRENDS: It sounds obvious, but think about what’s going on in the wider world, topical events and news you can tap into to maximise the impact and reach of your campaign
    • I frequently refer to this website when create content marketing calendars - it’s full of random topical days! www.daysoftheyear.com 
  5. THE WHAT & THE WHY:  Before writing anything, be clear about what you want your reader to do: what’s your objective - what action do you want them to take?   Then think about why they should do it  - what’s in it for them?  if you're selling art and gifts, the chances are people do not need what you’re offering them: but with a clever bit of copywriting, you can definitely inspire them to want it!


1) I’ve launched, managed and created copy for dozens of websites, including

2) I've worked extensively across all key social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter) and increased Macmillan’s Facebook fan base from 50,000 to 90,000 within a year.  

3) I’ve used dozens of different email and CMS platforms, including Mailchimp, Silverpop, Campaign Monitor, Wordpress and Squarespace.  

recent highlights and achievements

  • Leading the PR and marketing campaigns behind sellout tours and West End runs of The Gruffalo Live (and meeting my illustration hero Axel Scheffler on press night!)

  • Producing this trailer: part of my content marketing campaign for the Macmillan Education Online Conference, which attracted a record-breaking audience of 20,000 teachers worldwide (vs 5000 in the previous year)  

  • Managing and producing content for the award-winning Life Skills campaign for Macmillan, including organising this interview with former Astronaut Chris Hadfield (total legend!)

  • Devising and delivering the Shakespeare for Life campaign to mark the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016, including writing and creating all the content

  • Setting up The Social Sketchup and being the first person (in the UK) to run a sketchdating night! 


The story continues... 

Take a look at LinkedIn for more details about my career and experience.