Week 7: A Freaky Face-off

Hands up who can draw 50 faces in 15 minutes?

Not I, it would seem: but I had a lot of fun trying earlier this year! 

And the resulting image has turned out to be one of my best-selling prints of 2017.  Bonus! 

The Small Faces
from 20.00

Up for the challenge? 

Grab a big piece of paper, set your timer to 15 and then draw your freakin' FACE-OFF! 

Instead of drawing 50 'normal' faces as I did, try make yours as freaky and fierce as possible: what way you'll end up with a wicked piece of wall art for Halloween!  And don't worry about how 'good' the faces look: the name of the game is just to make it to 50.  

Speed-sketching is tonnes of fun and a really great way to free up your drawing style.  And whilst drawing on a time limit sounds stressful, it's actually a great way to focus and meditate in the moment. Whatever the outcome, I guarantee you'll feel exhilirated at the end! 

Remember, I love a show and tell: so be sure to tag me in your work on Facebook or Instagram.  

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NB: I used black ink to create my faces but black pens do the trick just fine.  Next week's challenge will also involve black ink though, so pick up a pot if you want to get fully on board with Inktober!