Sketch your BFF

Sad news - this week's challenge is going to be the last!  

From June onwards, I'll be setting one challenge every month, to make time for a very exciting project that I'm working on... details of which will be revealed very soon! 

This week's challenge

Your challenge this week is to draw one of your best friends and then surprise/scare/offend/delight them with the result! 

I did this for my best mate Emily this morning, who's celebrating her 37th birthday today (Happy Birthday Em!)  She lives in Seville and I rarely get to see her these days, so spending time looking at and drawing her beautiful face felt so special - kind of like hanging out with her, but a bit quieter!!  

Drawing from photos of loved ones is such an uplifting experience - and so easy too!  Observing their features, expression and the emotion in their eyes...remembering that moment when the photo was taken.  It's such a gorgeous way of connecting with them even when they're not in the room - and so much better than Skype! 

It makes sense if you think about it: by drawing someone you are conjuring their spirit into the room with you.  And if that spirit, that person, is one of your best mates whose company makes you feelgood - you're gonna have a pretty good time as you draw! 

So go pick your photo and get sketching! 

And if you're on Instagram and want to share your work I always love seeing it! 

nd remember - it doesn't need to look like them!!! Mine never do... 

Me & EM

Me & my BFF Emily - somewhere in Seville back in 2014! (Hence the orange background!)

Me & Em photo