A LOL speed sketch!

This week's challenge is inspired by my gorgeous friend Judy Andrews, founder of A Spoonful of Sugar & Co, among other glorious things! That girl has so many projects on the go (not to mention a young son!) - she definitely lives up to her Mary Poppins namesake!! Spoonful of sugar? More like a bucket load of SUPERPOWER!!

Anyway, enough gushing - back to this week's challenge!  I've wanted to draw one of her fab tees for a while, and this seemed the like the perfect time to do it.  

The challenge

  1. Select an image to draw from
  2. Draw it in 15 minutes
  3. Draw it in 1 minute
  4. Draw it in 10 seconds

This 15 minute/1 minute/10 second challenge is doing the rounds on YouTube and it's SO much fun!  Select whatever image you fancy to draw from, something complex or simple, like a single flower.   In fact it could be fun to focus in on key details AND more complex compositions for an extra challenge! I'm definitely going to give this a few more goes over the weekend... 

Here's one I made earlier,  featuring Judy's fab Laugh Out Loud tees!  Of the 3 images, I actually prefer the last! 

LOL speed sketch

LOL tee.jpg

The fab t-shirt that inspired my speed sketch, available from A Spoonful Of Sugar & Co for only £18.50! YASSSS!

And below - the fabulous woman who designed it!  She's not for sale though :) 

 Judy rules! 

Judy rules!