Supermarket Sketch!

I've been having so much fun seeing your 'sketchbombs' on Instagram that I've decided to rollover last week's challenge - and added a supermarket twist!

Your challenge this week is to hit the sketchpad, draw your 'sketchbomb' and then hit the shops! So many of us will be making a trip to the supermarket over the weekend, so it's the perfect opportunity to brighten up the aisles and raise some smiles with a bit of art! Trust me - a trip to Tesco has never been so much fun!!!

You can draw whatever you like - whatever you think will make someone smile: and bonus points if you draw something linked to the products - e.g draw something fruity and leave it amid the fruit! :) 

I just dropped this bright pink one among the Rose in Tesco:  

Sketchbombing in Tesco

And a few more I did over the sunny bank holiday weekend... also in Tesco - though not the same one!! (I need to get out more!!)