Dream Home

Time for some Spring DREAMING!

Where would you live if money and practicality were no object?  A swish city apartment? A rolling rainbow-coloured mansion? A cute country cottage? Inside a giant shoe, a la Mother Hubbard?!

Whatever and wherever your dream home may be: your challenge this week is to draw it!  

I set this challenge at my workshops at The Ideal Home Show and it generated some pretty grand designs!  There were giant slides, rooftop rollercoasters, multicoloured mansions....

This is the perfect opportunity grab yourself a massive piece of paper, get your paints out and dream BIG!

If you're anything like me, this challenge will take you straight back to your childhood: back when the impossible seemed possible and it was entirely feasible that one day you might live inside a spaceship and be a superhero!

I grew up in a beautiful (if damp and cold) old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in Yorkshire: yet I spent my childhood dreaming of living in a cool city apartment with a walk-in wardrobe and an acid green kitchen: full of funky retro furniture, loads of stainless steel and ALL the lava lamps!  (For some reason I also wanted a giant walk-in Baked Bean tin where I could snuggle up to read!!) 

I then moved on to want to live inside the Casa Batlo in Barcelona, but when it came to living there and teaching English during my degree, the flat I ended up in looked rather different...!

Nowadays I dream of a converted windmill in Cornwall and/or in a colourful villa in the Alpujarra - close to a big creative community of course! And then I'd quite like a city crash pad in a converted factory in London, equipped with its own art studio, cinema and resident masseuse!  Can anyone lend me a few quid?! 


I'd love to see and hear all about your dream homes over on Instagram or the Dulcimer Draws Facebook page!