Sketching in the sun

Summer is ON!! 

What better time to grab your sketchbook, head outdoors and get creative in the sun!  

Your challenge this week is really simple: just go outside and draw something that captures the summer vibes!  

It could be a whole scene or a single flower:  an ice cream van or a group of friends hanging out in the sun - anything that grabs you and screams summer!   Or just pick a summer colour palette and go abstract! 

If you're stuck for ideas, or stuck indoors, why not re-design the rainbow! We'll be doing this doing at my Spring It On workshop this Sunday, using recycled cardboard and paint to make our rainbows: but you can have just as much fun drawing your rad new rainbows! You could: 

  • Do some power drawing and see how many rainbows you can draw in 10 minutes
  • Stick with the rainbow shape but the contents radically different to reality (e.g. draw one full of fruit, flamingos or faces, like mine below!)
  • Keep the stripes but play around with different colour combinations, 
  • Play around with different materials or try a collage

I'd love to see your rad rainbows and summery sketches over on Instagram, so if you get around to it please show, tag and tell the world all about your amazing artwork! 

Rad Rainbows


I'm celebrating the arrival of summer with a half-price deal on my Coneheads!  They're A3 screenprints, available in 2 'flavours' and you can whip one up for just Β£15! 

Or if you're feeling greedy why not grab yourself a pair: just like my gorgeous customer Jenny did at my stall last summer (one for her, one for her twin!)