World Book Day Challenge

To mark World Book Day on 1st March, I decided to draw a little fashion-fiction mashup: inspired by one of my favourite children's books and some hot-off-the-catwalk looks from Paris Fashion Week! 

The looks are from the AW18 collection at Saint Laurent: I'll leave you to guess what the book is :) 


Your turn! 

This week's challenge is to design a sketchy new cover for one of your favourite books - with or without a little twist!

You could either: 


"Copying" isn't a bad thing - it's a real challenge and a great way of playing around with different styles.  Even if you copy an existing book cover artwork directly, you'll be developing your skills and your interpretation will always be unique. 


There's nothing like putting your own spin on a classic! I love re-inventing things and combining contrasting influences and subjects - e.g. fashion and children's books! There are so many ways you could go with this one.. 

  • One of the Mr Men drawn by Matisse? 
  • Harry Potter draw by David Shrigley
  • The Gruffalo by Salvador Dali? 
  • Bridget Jones's Diary illustrated by Quentin Blake? 
  • Alice in Wonderland by Picasso? 

You could create something minimalist and focus on a key feature or symbol, like Harry Potter's hat or Alice's curious eyes.   Or you could choose a quote and create a beautiful text-only cover. OR you change everything and invent a pun-tastic new book like I did instead! 

The world is your book cover!  

And if you're feeling a bit Lit...  pink yourself up with a Ms Shakespeare! :)