Sweeties darling!

Hello sweeties! 

It's (nearly) the end of Feb, which means it's time for the last of our love-themed weekly challenges! 

This week's challenge very close to my heart - or should I say my sweet-art! 

As befits my name (Dulcie = sweet one) I'm a real sweet tooth and have been a little bit obsessed with sweets all my life.  I love nothing more than discovering obscure confectionery whilst on holiday, or going into a big imported sweet shop and gawping at all the absurd names and colourful packaging.  I mean who doesn't love a packet of WILLY GUM, a bar of PLOPP or a box of WHOPPERS?! 

Having worked in brand marketing for 14 years, I also putting my own twist on existing brands and products - and inventing completely absurd new ones!  So much so that I always include a little re-branding activity at my Social Sketchups - e.g. last month's re-brand Rainbow Drops challenge! 


But enough of the back story! 

Your challenge this week is to invent and design the packaging for an art-inspired box of sweets, ready to launch in time for Valentine's Day 2019.  

I've designed mine on pizza boxes, but you could just draw in your sketchbook - or even better: buy a box of chocolates and turn it inside out, decorate the outside and then fill it back up and give it to your sweet-art! 

Before you do anything though, watch this Ab Fab clip to get you in the mood :) 

Happy sketching sweeties!!