Continuing on the theme of L O V E, this week's challenge is to channel your inner Cilla and use your creativity to conjure up a dream couple!  

All you need is an A4 sheet of paper, some colourful drawing and / or collage tools and an imagination!  SImply draw one 'lonely art' and then fashion up a dream date beside them!  

Try to make your 'sweet-arts' as arty as possible: think Dali moustaches, artists smocks, paint-splashed dungarees.... all the stereotypes! ;)  Here's some I made earlier... 



This activity is even better if you do it with a friend or relative and swap papers after drawing your first character.  We'll be doing it this way at my sketchmating workshop at Dulwich Picture Gallery tonight (Friday 16th Feb)... watch this space for the results!