New Year Hair Goals

Happy new year - and happy new term in The Dulcimer Draws Club! 

After a chaotic Christmas sales season, I'm so excited to get back to the drawing board and kick off my weekly art challenges again! I can't wait to see all the colourful creations you conjure up this year...

 No more bodged Bettys for me! 

No more bodged Bettys for me! 

This week's challenge is all about


If your new year's resolution is to draw more then you're in the right place! 

I draw every day, but I too have my own goals to develop my creative practise: 

  • Paint more (with gouache)
  • Finish ALL my sketches
  • Learn to draw hands
  • Improve my screenrprinting

I also want to dress more colourfully, wear more jumpsuits and dye my hair Pantone's colour of the year (ultra violet)! 

Which leads me to our first weekly challenge... 

Challenge 1: New Year Hair Goals


Your challenge this week is to set and sketch yourself 4 colourful hair goals for 2018!

Magenta mullet? Rainbow ringlets? Blunt blue bob? Now's the time to set yourself some implausibly wild tress targets: to go big and go bold!

I'd love to see all the fab dos you draw: so please share them with on Instagram or Facebook.  (And if you decide to go ahead with one of them in real-life then I'd obviously love to see those pics too!) 

Download the template , get your colours out and Nicky Clarke the shit out of it! 

This challenge featured in my Colour Me Crackers packs, which were a big hit at all of my Christmas stalls! My friend and I had a lot of fun with them on Christmas day too... 


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