Love your selfie!

All you need is love (and a few pencils!)

YAY - February has arrived and I’ve got four sweet new art challenges in store for you!

What with Valentines, Galentines and my sketchmating workshop at Dulwich Picture Gallery on the horizon, it seems only right that our theme this month is L O V E!

This week’s challenge

Valentines is all about sending love tokens to others, but I thought we should start the month by loving and drawing our selfies! 

Drawing a self-portrait might seem like a bit of a vanity exercise, but for me it’s a really valuable way to reflect on life and re-connect with positive feelings and experiences.  I spend so much time moving from project to project, stress to stress, sketch to sketch that I sometimes lose sight of the good stuff that happens along the way. 

So, every now and again I like to look back over photos and find one where I recall feeling awesome - and then draw it! It really helps to conjure the feeling up and gets you thinking about what prompted it, and what you could to do recapture it again in future experiences.

So, your challenge this week is this:

  1. Find a photo of yourself at a moment when you felt positive and happy
  2. Reflect on it a while, channelling the mood you felt back then
  3. Draw it and bring the positive vibes to life with colour and creativity!

I chose to draw this photo, taken at an in-store colouring event I ran at 3INA’s flagship Covent Garden store back in 2016.  I’d only just launched Dulcimer Draws, which feels like a lifetime ago, and I was really proud to have instigated and made the whole thing happen in the first place! I also met hundreds of fab people on the day, who all got stuck into the colouring activities with gusto!   

Scroll down to see my illustration (and the poetic licence I took on my hair colour and flamingo legs!)