Week 2: Neon pink #nofilter selfies

I've been feeling a bit nostalgic of late.  

I've found myself longing for the days when NKOTB and The Fresh Prince ruled my world.  The days of spokey-dokeys, Swatch watches and SPATZ. The days of the legendary Levi's, Doublemint and Rocky bar TV ads (they're choc-a-block man!).  The days of getting bollocked by my parents for racking up MASSIVE landline bills: back when we all SPOKE TO EACH OTHER OUT LOUD!

Showing my age?!

  Me, rocking my jazzy pink Tammy Girl hoody back in 1989! HOT .  

Me, rocking my jazzy pink Tammy Girl hoody back in 1989! HOT.  

Nowadays, there's no need for me to imagine what I'd look like with a big blonde perm a la Kylie: I can just download an app and find out! (and here it is!)  

But for the purposes of this week's challenge, let’s imagine there’s no such thing as Photoshop, filters or smartphones.  Let's experiment and see what happens when we play with an old school highlighter tool - an ACTUAL HIGHLIGHTER!! 

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

the challenge

Let's imagine:

It's 1980, you've had one too many Soda Streams and a multipack of 54321s. 

There's nothing on TV (only 4 channels!) and you're a bit bored.  As the sugar swirls around your hyperactive young mind, you find yourself wondering:

I wonder what I would look like if I were neon pink...just like my awesome new shellsuit?!

So, just for fun, you take out your sketchbook and

Draw a self portrait, using only a pink highlighter and a black pen to define details

Proud of your work, you then run downstairs to ask your Mum if you can go photocopy it at the library and post* a copy to all your mates.  But before you get the chance, your blood sugar crashes and you fall fast asleep atop your Popples duvet cover.  

*At this point, feel free to return to the present and share your work with me on Instagram instead!) 

Here's my attempt and the picture I drew it from, in case you're interested.  As you can see, when drawing portraits, I tend to focus on capturing the mood rather than a likeness! 


Pick out an old sketch and recreate it using only a pink highlighter and black pen.  Here's one I made earlier!

I really enjoyed it and found it fascinating to compare the two: I hope you do too!  



In case you're interested, I wrote a blog post all about pink.  It's very profound.