Week 5: Design a dress

Hello sketchmates! 

So that's it: we've almost reached the end of our SKETCHTEMBER challenges! 

To all the fabulous Dulcimer Draws clubbers who've joined in: you've been amazing and I've absolutely loved seeing all your work!   

If you're new here - WELCOME: you are among curious and creative friends! 

I've got a brand-new theme and set of activities lined up for October.  Meanwhile, the final challenge in this month's pinkfest is to 

Design a fabulous pink party dress, fit for a Dulcimer Doll! 


Go as bright bold and bizarre as you like: this girl likes couture! (And flamingos!)

This is a short and sweet activity that should take you no more than 10 minutes to do.  All you need are: 

  • Some pink pens 
  • The template below
  • The fashion design skills of Vivienne Westwood (optional)
  • Imagination and creativity (essential!)

NB: If you don't have a printer just draw your own Dulcimer Doll! Now there's a challenge :)