Roses to Poses

Time for another confectionery-based creative challenge! 

A couple of weeks ago, ever the inventive idiot, I decided to transform a box of Corn Flakes into a cocktastic 40th birthday gift for my fabulous friend Eve! Featuring illustrations of Eve, me and our friend Jo,  this custom box of Cock Flakes seemed like a fitting way to illustrate and celebrate some of our silliest moments cocking around town together! And by the look on Eve's face, I think she agreed!  

So, riding on the success of my Cock Flakes, I decided to have a go at re-inventing another much-loved box of British foodstuffs...

Behold a new brand of Christmas confectionery: 

Dulcimer's Poses! 

Your turn! 

Your challenge this week is to design some fabulous new fashion-inspired packaging for a classic box of chocolates: or re-invent one like I did!  You don't have to go to town, buy and draw your design directly onto a box: but obviously it's a great excuse to get the chocolates in! 

Some ideas: 

Turn Roses into Poses, put a bling new spin on a box for Ferrero Rocher, or draw your interpretation of The Big Purple One!  Or how about a box of Black Magic incorporating the little black dress? Strawberry cremes, toffee pennies, golden barrells... there are so many ways you could interpret and illustrate these things through fashion and accessories, armed with a bit of imagination!  And I'm sure there's something to be done with Quality Street but all I can think of is Quality Sheep: which would make for a very different product... besides which, I'm vegetarian!)

As always, I'd love to see what you come up with: so please share your work with me on Instagram or Facebook! 

NB: For my next trick, I shall be upcycling the humble / cheapo Christmas selection box.  Watch this space! 

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