P-p-p-pick up a pencil!


What's black, white and fabulous all over? 

The penguin you're about to draw!

This week's challenge comes to you courtesy of Facebook and its handy/annoying 'memories' feature, which reminded me that it's 3 years since I drew this pair of flappers!


Prompted by this, Black Friday and the fact that Christmas is coming (fast!), I thought this week we could all p-p-p-pick up a pencil and draw a penguin! 

It's a little off piste from my usual, fashion-based stuff, but it's great to draw something cute and furry for a change! 

Go fur it! 

Fur-ther drawing

I drew these penguins whilst on an excellent day course at The House Of Illustration.  If you're in London and interested in experimenting with Animal Illustration, keep an eye out for the next course in 2018!