Witchcraft at Chanel

A monster fashion + art mashup! 

FACT: Quentin Blake is my favourite illustrator of ALL THE TIME.   

So, for this week's challenge I thought it would be fun to 'witchify' some chic Chanel chicks - Quentin style! 

This is the perfect opportunity to get the ink or calligraphy pens out, but regular black pens will do the trick too!

Whatever your drawing tool, I'd recommend holding it as far away from the nib as possible, so that you achieve a looser, shakier sketch, a la Quentin! 

IMG_8483 (1).jpg

Step One: 

Familiarise yourself with Quentin Blake's style by drawing (copying!) one of his illustrations of Roald Dahl's The Witches. Google or follow this link.  

When you do this, note: 

  • The way he draws noses and eyes
  • The hands and proportions of the body
  • The loose 'sketchiness' of the lines

(That's mine on the left FYI!)

Step Two: 

Choose a couple of looks / models from this Chanel couture show and then set about drawing them, Witches style! 

Step Three: 

Share your work with me on Instagram or Facebook!  It'd be the best Halloween treat ever! 

Here's my attempt: 


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