DD Hoody - White

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DD Hoody - White


All hail the hoody! 

Hoodies are a staple feature of my wardrobe and a must-have for all members of the Dulcimer Draws club!

From my cherished pink Tammy Girl number (circa 1988) to my university of KALE class: I've always loved a hoody.  They're perfect for galavanting around town in or snuggling up at home: especially this time of year!  They also provide a rather handy wearable pencil case and nest for my beloved pet (iPhone). 

This standard length hoody is screenprinted on 80% ring-spun cotton 20% polyester

Currently available in sizes: 

  • XS (34 inch chest)
  • S (36 inch chest)
  • M (40 inch chest)
  • L (44 inch chest) 
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