Sketch Appeal

London's first ever sketchdating night is back!

Single? Got a face?

Stop swiping and scrolling for love: get down to Sketch Appeal and start sketching for it instead!


First launched (by yours truly!) back in 2014, Sketch Appeal is London’s first ever sketchdating night and it’s back by popular demand and in a shiny new home: at Drink Shop & Do on Tuesday May 23rd.

Over the course of the night, you’ll get up-close-and-personal with your fellow sketchmates in a series of fun and easy activities designed to test your ‘sketchual chemistry: including speed portraiture, colouring and balloon art.  

Accompanied by a special sketchy soundtrack and the optional drop/gallon of alcohol:  you’ll have ample opportunity to unleash your creativity and charm upon the crowd. 

Can’t draw for shite?

Fear not! The activities aren’t designed to test your drawing skills: Sketch Appeal is about sketching to connect - not to impress. It’s about having a laugh, getting creative and – if you’re lucky, getting a number at the end of the night!

Whatever happens, we guarantee you’ll walk away with some fun memories, a stack of dubious/genius artwork and a balloon with your face on it!

Tickets £15 in advance: Early Book Essential


*Playlist will include:

  • I’m Too Sketchy
  • Let’s Talk About Sketch
  • Sketchual Healing
  • Sketch Bomb
  • I Wanna Sketch You Up
  • This Sketch Is On Fire




June 7
Sketch Appeal