I run a series of fun-focused art workshops incorporating drawing, colouring and other easy creative activities that encourage you to lose your creative inhibitions and gain confidence as you play, experiment and express yourself in new ways. 

I don't teach techniques or instruct people and overall objective of my workshops is simply that you enjoy the process and experience the joy of sketch!  So many workshops are focused on the end results, but these are all about taking some creative downtime, having a bit of fun and bonding with your sketchmates along the way! 



The Social Sketchup is a friendly creative workshop designed to help you relax, have fun and connect with others through drawing and art.  Themes and activities are different each time: you could be drawing portraits, colouring things in, working on a collaborative collage... or all of the above!

The aim is that, by the end of the 2 hour session, you leave feeling inspired, in tune with your creativity and raring to blast your way through until the weekend: armed with a sketchbook full of AMAZING ART and a balloon with your face on it!

Tickets are £15 standard / £10 students: including all materials and a FREE sketchbook.   NB: You don't need to be 'a creative type' to attend and enjoy The Social Sketchup! It's for all levels including - and especially for - those who say/think they "can't draw"! 

Here's how a few former attendees have described the Sketchup experience: 

"Seriously sketchy madness!"

"it's a bit like a hen-do - only with less drinking and dancing and more drawing!

"So much fun and surprisingly relaxing!"

"A really uplifting way to spend an evening - great to sketch alongside others!"

"so much fun and I loved the variety of activities on offer! it took me back to my primary school art days - only this time there was alcohol!"

Forthcoming dates: 

Wednesday 6th September @ The Doodle Bar
The Social Sketchup: Sgt Pepper Special

Team Sketchup

I deliver bespoke Social Sketchups to teams working across a variety of corporate contexts and sectors.  

Team Sketchup can be delivered on a one-off or regular basis as part of your company's staff wellbeing programme.  It's democratic, accessible to all and will help your team to unleash their creativity, experience mindfulness and to connect and communicate with each other in new ways.   Unlike many team-building workshop the activities involved in in a Sketchup aren't competitive, so it's a great leveller: not to mention a great way for colleagues to de-stress, cut out the usual business talk and enjoy some much-needed quiet time! 

Having spent 13 years working in marketing before going 'full on' Dulcimer Draws, I know all too well the pain of attending dry team-building workshops and the pressure of attending summer parties, work drinks and other 'forced fun'!  I devised and run team Sketchups because I'm passionate about the stress-busting benefits of drawing and the bonds that can be built when groups engage in collaborative creative activities.   

For rates and to discuss your first Team Sketchup please email:

Here's what some of the team at Lee Hecht Harrison | Penna had to say about their Team Sketchup: 

"Brilliant - not the usual 'enforced' fun!"

"I'd definitely recommend it: you forget about the stress and pressures of your day and have a laugh!"

"We always do something competitive so it was nice just to have fun"

"A really new way of bonding"

"So different and unique: I've never done anything like this.  

"A great way to have some fun whilst getting to know colleagues"

"A unique, creative de-stressing session"

Sketch ApPEAL

Single? Creative? Got a face?! 

stop swipinG the ApPS: COME sketch your way to love instead!  

London's first ever sketchdating night, I launched Sketch Appeal in Shoreditch back in 2014, following a life-changing conversation about creativity and dating with with my best sketchmate, Cait.  

Forget about the chat-up lines: Sketch Appeal is all about the fineliners and the eye lines! They say the eyes are the window to the soul: so what better way to size up potential suitors than by looking them straight in the eyes and drawing their portrait?  

Featuring a series of speed portrait challenges, pair work and fun group challenges, Sketch Appeal is a friendly way to meet, mingle and test your 'sketchual chemistry' with potential matches.

See calendar for forthcoming, er, dates! 

Here's what a few former daters had to say about Sketch Appeal: 

"I didn't find love but I did discover hidden talent for balloon art!" 

"I was initially nervous about drawing someone who I'd only just met: mainly in case I made them look hideous!

But it was tonnes of fun, a great way to break the ice and in the end no-one even cares about the quality of your drawing!"

Children's PARTIES

Looking for a creative and unique way to celebrate your child's birthday?  

Get in touch to arrange a custom-themed Birthday Sketchup! 

Having worked for a number of years in children's theatre and education, I love running Sketchups for kids and am always hugely inspired and in awe of all the incredible work that they produce: with their wild, untamed creativity and imaginations!  

With activities including speed-sketching, group games, balloon art and paper dress-making: the Birthday Sketchup makes for a fun, memorable and highly unique party.  And, with the group focused on drawing and channeling their creativity, it's makes for a quieter and more chilled out experience than your average kids party!  

For rates and to discuss your ideas drop me a line at: