In Praise of Print

I’ve been meaning to write this since the start of September, when a feature I wrote for Caboodle magazine was published.  

Yes that’s right: something I wrote has been printed and I couldn't be more chuffed!


Firstly, because the feature I wrote, The Joy of Sketch, is all about my creative ‘journey’ and my lifelong love of drawing.  I've spent over a decade writing copy for marketing campaigns, but as much as I loved writing about The Gruffalo, curriculum changes and teaching resources (!), it was so fab to write about a subject close to my heart! One of my illustrations is featured alongside it too, which is nice.  

 My illustration and article, The Joy of Sketch: as featured in  the latest edition of Caboodle . 

My illustration and article, The Joy of Sketch: as featured in the latest edition of Caboodle

Secondly, I'm chuffed because I love the magazine. There’s just something compelling and refreshing about it that makes it stand out from all the other indie mags I've read.  Yes it's packed full of gorgeous photography, ideas and fabulous things to buy: but it's the charm and warmth of its tone that sets it apart.  Caboodle is a magazine that sets out to champion independent designers, makers and creatives: something it achieves with unpretentious gusto! The passion and enthusiasm spills out across its pages: as do the inspiring and unique voices of all its contributors.   

Having met her, I can see that its Editor and founder, Kayti Peschke, is the driving force behind Caboodle's uplifting and inspiring spirit.  I was super-excited to meet and fan-girl in her face back in May.  We've kept in touch since and recently spent two awesome days at her studio, shooting all my products (and riding her dog!). This girl is made of fabulous stuff and I can't wait to work with her again in the future...

 Me and the awesome Kayti P, celebrating the end of our 2 day photoshoot

Me and the awesome Kayti P, celebrating the end of our 2 day photoshoot

 Yep, that'd be me, riding Kayti's dog!

Yep, that'd be me, riding Kayti's dog!

Thirdly, because I've always loved magazines and I'm excited to play a little part in the booming independent magazine business.  I'm also passionate about proving that print is not dead! 

As a tween and teenager I recall eagerly awaiting the publication of the next issue of Just Seventeen and More magazine: neither of which I was allowed to read but used to do regardless, via my friends and/or sister! Without the internet to amuse us, my friends and I killed a lot of time reading mags, especially in dull Chemistry lessons at school.  There was nothing better than cracking open a brand new mag and pouring over the fashion spreads to pick out what we'd buy: if only we could afford to do so, with our £5 pocket money!  

Fwoarzone! Free poster of BROS! Billy from Neighbours! Aaah magazines were so great back then... 

And it was my love of the (now defunct) Clothes Show magazine that inadvertently changed my life.  I loved that mag so much I leapt at the chance to go to the live show at the NEC, back in December 1995.   There, much to my bemusement (and the horror of some others!) I ended up being scouted by Select: a moment I've not quite lived down since! 

My first job was with Juergen Teller for Jigsaw, which only now do i realise was pretty impressive: and only now - over 20 years later - can I look at these photos and not cringe!  I went from reading Just Seventeen to featuring in it: prancing around with cardboard cut-out of Jarvis Cocker no less!

Above: A random selection of shots from Fashion Weekly, Clothes Show and Just Seventeen magazine: all now defunct - nothing to do with me, honest! Check out the hairdrying action shots!! 

The fact that these images only exist on scraps of paper torn out of magazines makes it even more special.   Anyone can post or publish anything online these days: but for your face or your writing or your artwork to be deemed worthy of printing in a magazine is, to me, an honour indeed! 

So thank you Kayti, for publishing my piece and for creating the brilliant Caboodle.

Long live print! 

Caboodle cover.jpeg

PS: I've published my first little zine! 

My Little Black and White Book features 12 of my favourite fashion sketches from over the past few years: and it's yours for just £5! 

It's a limited edition of 100 too, so might be worth something on Ebay one day!