The One With All The Pink

Disclaimer: This was written in rush and may not make much sense.  Enjoy!! 

The One With All The Pink


Having spent a lot of time making pink art, drawing on pink balloons and parading around with bright pink hair this year, I decided to set PINK as the theme for this month's weekly challenges in The Dulcimer Draws club.  


Firstly, because I love pink almost as much as I love drawing.  From custard and coffee - to stationery and sweaters: in my mind, everything is better with a splash of pink involved!

Secondly, because pink is everywhere right now: in art, fashion, interiors, hair... it seems we just can't get enough of the stuff.   And I'm no consumer psychologist or sociologist, but I'm pretty sure our huge appetite for pink is increasing directly as a result of all the shit that's been happening in the world of late.  And in light of the current political climate, it's easy to see why we're lapping up all the pink (and rainbows and colour and unicorns) we can get right now.  Of course when shit hits the fan we need to take it seriously: but we need to stay positive and throw some fun at that fan too!

 Top DD customer Eddie back in July: loving his new pink tote and  Pink Hair Don't Care screenprint ! 

Top DD customer Eddie back in July: loving his new pink tote and Pink Hair Don't Care screenprint ! 

Thinking pink

As well as reflecting on how pink has become something of global anti-depressant, all this talking and drawing and thinking about pink has led me to reflect on how my own relationship with the colour has changed over the years.  

Back at primary school, I loved nothing more than donning a pink leotard and leaping around at ballet class (I'll spare you the pictures).  I also owned several pairs of cycling shorts with neon pink stripes down the side (it was the 80s) and an AWESOME pink patterned hoody from Tammy Girl that I regularly refused to remove for washing.  

But then something happened: puberty, grunge, the 90s and then my twenties.  I turned my back on pink and embraced the black and grey.  I was never a 'girly girl' so it just didn't seem to fit with my style back then: when pink was mainly for Barbie, Miss Piggy, Emma Bunton, page 3 models and porn stars.  It was definitely one for the girls too, especially where I grew up: an insular northern town where eyebrows would most certainly be raised if a man so much as dared to wear a pink shirt - even if it was Ralph Lauren (these things mattered). 

Fast forward to now and pink is enjoying a resurgence and being reclaimed and proclaimed as a colour synonymous with both femininity and feminism; a colour that conjures eccentricity and extroversion; a bold, statement colour that screams confidence and creativity.  The "pink hair don't care" hashtag and trend says it all: yes my hair is pink and no I don't give a fuck what you think of it.  At last,  the fluffy pink stereotypes are being subverted.

To me, pink represents freedom to be who I want to be - to dye my hair pink and wear a pink hoody without thinking twice about being judged.  And maybe people do judge me: maybe it all screams mid-30s crisis, but the point is I DON'T CARE - and neither should you!  Man, woman, zebra...: if you want to go pink: GO PINK! 

 Me, getting by pinked by  Jeremy The Hairstylist  at   Pimps & Pinups   back in June.   

Me, getting by pinked by Jeremy The Hairstylist at Pimps & Pinups back in June.   

And on that note, I'm off to draw a flamingo drinking a pink cocktail out of a pink pineapple, reclining on a pink lilo, floating on a pool of pink custard, surrounded by pink candy floss trees, on a pink island, in the pink sunshine.... 


Fancy getting creative and getting your pink on in the first of my weekly challenges?