Secret Scribbles

I draw A LOT, so there are plenty of sketches that you don't / won't see on Instagram.  So, in the spirit of oversharing (and tidying the room up!), I thought I'd sort out and share a few of my favourite 'secret scribbles' with you! 

It's not often I sort through or revisit the work I've done: once complete, I prefer just to dump it to one side and start on the next thing.  My focus and interest is only ever in the process of sketching, rather than the end result: and like so many of us, I tend to focus on what I've still to do - rather than on my achievements.   

But, as well as the obvious benefits (cleaner room!), it really does help to reflect and revisit things sometimes: there's always something new to be found or felt when you revisit your artwork or that of others: even in those iconic masterpieces you've seen hundreds of times.   Especially as I draw a lot of portraits, revisiting my sketches always feels a bit like meeting up with new friends: familiar and friendly but still with much to be discovered and enjoyed! 

Looking back, it would seem my style is all over the place! Also, it turns out that a lot of the sketches I sacked off half way through or dumped into the 'gone wrong' / weird pile aren't so bad after all.  In fact, just as I do my friends, I really rather love them! :)  

Here are a few of my favourites...