In the hope they have the same effect on you, here are 5 things that made me smile this week: 


It’s been a scorching week in London and I’ve been sweating away screenprinting at The Print Club, producing this rather apt Conehead among other things!

I joined Print Club a few weeks back and it’s all been something of an experiment - as is all my art tbh! It’s a much messier and slower process than I imagined, but I’ve loved scrubbing, exposing and inking myself in ways I never knew possible. It’s always great to learn a new skill and there are so many exciting possibilities with this printing method that I can see it becoming a huge part of my work….

*Note to the feeble: screenprinting requires a hell of a lot of upper body strength – and/or someone with it closeby (cheers to Pavel and the guys @ Print Club for helping me to, er, pull!)


What do you get when you cross some illustrations of dolls, some others of balloons and 10 minutes messing around on Photoshop? My new blow-up dolls! Not sure where I’m going with it but I feel it might be somewhere…

This dress

My week started off on a pretty shit note to say the least: but I was much cheered up and on by this dress.  Life sucks sometimes: but more dresses like this the merrier.



@ Caboodle Magazine

Another thing that made me smile: Caboodle magazine and the lady at the helm of it.  I’m busy writing a feature for the forthcoming issue and very excited to be heading up north to shoot with Kayti next month.  She’s one of those incredible, multi-talented, creative tornados that you just can’t help but want to be like/hug/bottle up and serve to the world!  #girlcrush ? Absolutely!


The Fashion Sketchup

The flyers have arrived and ticket sales are ON for my brand-new fashion art workshop at Saucer & Spritz!

Somewhat hidden away up at the top of OASIS store on Tottenham Court Road, S&S is a real gem of a place and the perfect setting for an afternoon of fun fashion sketching with yours truly!

As they serve up pink scones, unicorn toast and other fabulous things, I’ll be serving up 2 hours of fashion-inspired drawing, colouring and creative challenges!   I’m also going to get people working in teams to complete a special Project Runway-style challenge, in which stylists from each team will get to roam the store to select an outfit for their team model, who will then pose for the rest of the group to draw at the end.    


Last but not least, I can't write a list of fabulous things about this week without mentioning my FRIENDS!  I couldn’t have got through this week without them: especially this lunatic pair, ‘modelling’ their new custom-made Dulcimer Draws tees!