Tried & Tested: June

I spend a lot of time (and a fair bit of money!) testing out new art materials each month, so I thought I'd start reviewing and sharing some of my best finds right here on my blog.  

Here are my top finds for June: 

Flying Tiger Coloured Pencils

24 Shades of YEY! 

At £4 for 24 these pencils are incredible value and surprisingly decent quality.  In fact, when I used them at a workshop a few weeks back at least three people asked where I got them! Cheap pencils tend to be scratchy and produce a rather anaemic effect: but - without too much pressure - these produced a really impressive depth of colour.  

So, can you tell which of these sketches (of the same Vivienne Westwood AW17 look) I created using the £4 Tigers - and which one using my posho Prisma pencils? 

The one on the right? Correct! And I think I prefer it out of the two.   And just to prove my point about how good these pencils are, here are a couple more faces: 

Flying Tiger Watercolours

Chic on the cheap? 

I wanted to incorporate some painting into one of my workshops but needed to find something affordable to use: so I picked up this £4 Watercolour set to roadtest ahead of the event.  (Well no-one wants to host a party and serve up the watercolour equivalent of Lambrini, do they?!)  Whilst the depth of colour they produced isn’t great and they’ve got a slightly grainy and chalky texture, they definitely do the job if you just to have a bit of a creative play around. 

Just so you can see, here's how they compare and contrast with my Windsor & Newtons (on the left): 

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Caran D'Ache Chunky Watercolour Pencils

The bigger the better? 

These chunky watercolour pencils turned out to be one of my best accidental, 'went in for something else' buys ever.  I have a tendency to work in mono and use a lot of thick black lines in my illustrations, so it was great to challenge myself to produce something using just a single colour: to play with all the different textures and effects I could create with just one of these pencils.  

They create a much denser finish than lots of other watercolour pencils I've tried, which can often be quite chalky and pale.  At £2.50 each they're not cheap, but they'll definitely last longer than my Tombows and - as illustrated - you only need a couple to create some vivid new work!