Despite the obvious shit bit, here are 5 fabulous things that happened to me this week: 

1) My portrait of the lovely Emma Gannon hit the big (and small) screen in a major Microsoft ad campaign! Although they seem to have doodled with the original a bit, I'm still pretty proud that one of my random early-morning sketches is getting its 5 microseconds of fame!   

Emma G


2) I learnt to screenprint on paper and pulled these 5 fabulous Flashdancers: all up for grabs on my shop! It's always great to learn a new skill and to fully understand the process.and potential of these things.  Although obviously time-consuming, it's so versatile and I can't wait to get back in the studio and experiment some more.


3) I had a very lovely meeting with Lunar HQ: an amazing 'co-working creative studio and pop-up shop' just up the road from the equally amazing goats (at Hackney City Farm).  Can't wait to go to Collage Club there in July! 

4) I saw My Life As A Courgette.  By that I mean the film - not me having some sort of existential courgette-based crisis! It's a a beautiful story and visually stunning - packed with amazing illustrations!  Highly recommend it.  

5) I discovered Unicorn toast! (How did I not know this was a thing?!)