Birthday Balloonery

Hurrah for August! Time for for fun in the (intermittent) sun, eating ice cream and the best thing of all: 


I'm well known for milking my birthday into a week of celebrations: why have one 'special day' when you can have several?! 

The older I get (36!) the less I care, so this year - as most of my friends were busy at work - I decided to challenge myself and do something a bit brave and foolish.  Apprentice-style, I took to the streets wearing ALL MY BADGES and put my selling skills to the test: attempting to flog them to unwitting strangers for Β£1 a pop. Suffice to say, it was all a bit embarrassing and I only managed to sell 2 badges: but I did raise a few smiles and odd looks along the way!

"It's my birthday! Wanna buy a badge?!"

Let's hear it for BALLOONS! 

In recent years, whenever I meet up or go for dinner with friends, I've gotten into the habit of insisting that we draw each other on balloons - much to their delight I'm sure! In fact, I always carry around a stash of Sharpies and balloons in my bag - just in case the mood and moment strikes. It's one of the simplest, silliest ways to get creative on the go and I always include a round of balloon art to break the ice and inject some fun into The Social Sketchup.  

top 3 reasons why I love balloons: 

1) From elaborate papier mache monsters to silly speed-portraits: balloons are a great tool for making amazing art! 

2) They're handy for impromptu photoshoots with friends! Take a look at some of the random balloon modelling I've done with my friend, photographer and artist Gold Soup over the past few years.  

3) They make me money! My "99 Red Balloons" greetings card is my best-seller by far: followed closely by Dave! My balloon badges have also been a hit on my stall at Spitalfields over the past few weeks.   The A3 "99 Red Balloons" print is available to buy online NOW: the cards etc. will be bursting onto my store very soon! 

Another on point card

If anyone can trump Dave and my red balloonies, it's Gold Soup and his amazing birthday cards! He never fails to amaze me with a wondrous, photoshopped delight, and he surpassed himself this year with these (Dulcie) Ballpoint pens! Whatever next... 

Birthday Orrsomeness

As well as titting around trying to sell badges to strangers, I managed to squeeze in a visit to the Royal Academy summer exhibition on my birthday.  This year's gem, in my biased opinion: Picasso's Busy Day by the orrsome Chris Orr! 

And speaking of Orrsomeness, check out the delicious marshmallow treats my best friend Emily Orr shipped over to me in the post! I took great delight in eating my own head :) thanks again Em! XXX


Right, enough of the celebrations... time to get back to all the work work work and the draw draw draw! Happy August everyone!