Game + Sketch = Match?

They came.  They sketched.  But did any of them meet their match?

Well, as Cilla would say, "I won't be buying a hat"!

But the crowd at Tuesday night's Sketch Appeal seemed to have a great time nonetheless: getting up close and creative to test their connection and 'sketchual chemistry'! 

As well as drawing ALL THE FACES and producing some beautiful balloon art, they worked together to create an amazing set of undateables / "Tinder dates from hell".  

I also took the opportunity to crowdsource some creative ideas for a commission I've recently been given.  My good friend Joanna has asked me to design her wedding invite and (for once) I'm a bit stuck for ideas: so I asked people to pair up and design her one instead!

She knew nothing of my cunning plan...until I called her on FaceTime and asked her to pick a winner that is! She was so impressed and touched by what people created that I think she shed ACTUAL TEARS.  

So, although Sketch Appeal didn't generate any new matches on this occasion: it did generate some fab new artwork, chat and connections - and made one bride to be very happy indeed! 

The next edition of Sketch Appeal is on Wednesday 7th June @ The Doodle Bar.  So if you're single and up for a fun and fast-paced night of casual sketch...come join the fun!