Masterclasses @ The House of Illustration

Holy shit it’s May already

We’re almost mid-way through the year and I'm all too aware I need to up my blogging game: 4 posts in 4 months just ain’t good enough!

But it's hard to find the time, in between all the drawing, working, drawing, working, drawing etc. : that or it's too easy to get distracted by things like this...

Noodoll Riceananas

How cute am I? 


But from this point on, I shall endeavour to step up the blog: starting with this round-up of the two amazing Fashion Illustration workshops I attended last month: 

Workshop 1: With Sue Dray

Inspired by the current exhibition of the late great Jo Brocklehurst's work, the first was led by the fashion illustration LEGEND that is Sue Dray.  I’m a huge fan of Sue's work and style, so was thrilled to meet her at last: and she was every bit as inspiring, energetic and down-right fricking fabulous as I expected!

It was a pretty intensive afternoon: 4 hours of non-stop sketching our model/muse Mankoo, powered on by Sue's expert guidance and top punk playlist!  Drawing from life requires such focus and pushes me way out of my comfort zone.  It also forces me to let go of perfectionism; enabling me to lose myself in the process rather than worry about the end result.  That said, I was actually pretty pleased with what I produced: it’s amazing what you can do with 4 hours, a model, an awesome tutor and a shitload of random art materials! 


Workshop 2: With Montana Forbes

The second workshop was led by Montana Forbes; equally fab but minus the punk and very different to Sue’s.

After talking us through her work and influences, Montana set us to work on a variety of collage, watercolour and mixed media activities; stopping only to discuss and review our work in between.  I'm always fascinated by other people's style and individuality of expression; to see how diverse the interpretations of the same subject matter are across the group.  Here’s a little snapshot of the styles and skills that were shared and shown: plus the quick speed-portrait sketchange I did with one of my classmates!  

The Jo Brocklehurst Exhibition is running until May 14th and is well worth a look if you’re in London!