Sketchy times at Drink Shop & Do

Things got a bit messy at The Social Sketchup last week: messy in a colourful, creative, charcoal-covered way! 

There's nothing I enjoy more than getting creative and encouraging others to do the same, so I'm always in my element at these events.  And as usual, the Sketchup crowd surprised and surpassed themselves with their incredible creations, including Picasso-style portraits and paper dress designs that wouldn't look out of place at Couture Fashion Week!  

It's a joy to watch people experiment and grow in confidence over the course of night, then see them leave armed with sketchbooks and buzzing from all the creative action - and all the cocktails! 

Thanks again to all who came for making the night so fabulous.  The next Social Sketchup will be in March. Watch this space for details!