New year = new Sketch Shop!

Pick up an original piece of fashion art: fresh from the Dulcimer Draws drawing board!

Happy 2017!

So, how are you going to make your life even more fabulous this year?  New job? New hair? New man? 

Why not start with the basics and get something in your life that will make you feel good every day throughout this year - and beyond?

Try this: 

1)      Bag yourself a beautiful bargain from my new Sketch Shop

2)      Place it on a prominent place/wall as a daily reminder of how #FABULOUS you are

3)      Repeat the above and fill your whole house/year with fabulousness!

Each month, I’ll announce a ‘secret’ flash sale on a new collection of original artworks, which will be available to buy exclusive on my site, on a first-come first-served basis!  

I’ll be revealing the first collection, The January Blues, on Instagram very soon: so be sure to follow me there to ensure you’re first through Dulcimer Draws’ doors! 


January Blues