When Dulcimer started drawing again!  At The House of Illustration opening fair, summer 2014



The short story


Hello! I'm Dulcimer Draws: an Artist, Event Producer and Copywriter based in Hackney.  I love drawing fashion, people and faces.   I'm specifically obsessed with eyes, sweets and balloons.   

I draw every day (morning and night) and am passionate about encouraging others to do the same: as passion that drove me to start running The Social Sketchup and all the various other workshops that I run across London.  

When I'm not immersed in my sketchbook or busy screenprinting, you can find me at craft and art fairs, as well drawing live at in-store events.   

In a marketing capacity, over the past 13 + years I've worked with some incredible children's brands including Pokemon, Mr Men, Enid Blyton's Noddy, Horrible Histories & The Gruffalo: as well as on touring and West End theatre productions and for world-leading publishers Pearson, Macmillan and Scholastic.  Take a look at my LinkedIn profile if you'd like to know more about my marketing experience and expertise. 

If you'd like to work with me drop me a line at: Dulcimer@dulcimerdraws.com


The Back Story


I grew up with an innate love of fashion and drawing.  According to my mother, I spent my childhood “drawing all over everything” and changing my outfit at least 3 times daily.  

I had my first taste of the fashion industry back in 1995, when I was scouted by Select at the Clothes Show Live.  After landing my first job with the awesome Juergen Teller, I went on to work for the likes of Paul Smith and Versace: a stark contrast to my life back on the family farm in Yorkshire!

Despite this success, I soon quit the modelling game to focus on getting A levels and a 'proper degree' that would land me a 'proper job'.  And I got both those things: a 1st Class degree in Spanish and a successful career in marketing! 

Fast forward to 2014 when I attended The House of Illustration opening fair and felt compelled to pick up a pen and start drawing again.  This soon led me back to my love of fashion art and I started sharing my work on Instagram - and I've not stopped since!

And now finally, after over a decade of managing and building other people’s brands, I decided it was high time I launched my own: thus Dulcimer Draws was born!